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Picture from New Anticoagulant Drugs video
October 27 2011

Coming Soon
May 4 2011

Picture from The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP):  The Global Federation of National Organizations of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists video
February 17 2011

Picture from The Adoption and Diffusion of Evidence-based Innovations in Addiction Treatment video
January 24 2011

Picture from Mechanism of Action of a Novel Class of Antibiotics that Targets DNA Replication video
January 18 2011

Picture from Matrix, Syndecan and Breast Cancer Progression video
October 20 2010

Picture from Geriatric Workshops - Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis video
July 29 2010

Picture from Geriatric Workshops - Falling, Frailty, Failure to Thrive and Incontinence video
July 22 2010

Picture from Geriatric Workshops - The 3 Ds and Sleep: Assessment and Pharmacologic Challenges video
July 14 2010

Picture from IV Acetaminophen: Old Drug, New Vistas video
July 8 2010

Picture from Geriatric Workshops - The Two Faces of Polypharmacy video
July 8 2010

Picture from Continuous Survey Readiness: Pharmacy The Joint Commission Update 2010 video
June 8 2010

Picture from The Use of IV Pentamidine in Sulfa Allergic Bone Marrow Transplant Patients: A Retrospective Analysis video
May 12 2010

Picture from Antiarrhythmic Drugs for Atrial Fibrillation: Current Therapy and Future Promise video
April 8 2010

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