Biomedical Research Biomedical Research videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2018, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Critical Appraisal of Qualitative Research Presented by Nora Jacobson, PhD 2012-12-11 This Could Happen Anywhere: Evolution of Translational 'Omics' and Lessons Learned from the Duke Saga <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> DeMets&#39; presentation will highlight the 2012 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report recommending ways to strengthen &quot;omics&quot; based test development and evaluation in response to flawed clinical trials undertaken at Duke University. DeMets was one of the IOM committee members authoring the report.</p> <p> Based on a set of highly publicized reports claiming to be able to identify cancer risk and predict the response of individual patients to specific treatments using genomic data, Duke University initiated clinical trials for selecting patients and assigning treatment strategies guided by microarray genetic analysis, i.e., personalized cancer treatment.</p> <p> Those trials were suspended and later terminated by the National Cancer Institute after outside biostatisticians outlined a series of problems with the analysis and data behind these sentinel papers. In addition, many of the original publications describing the research or the subsequent clinical trials were retracted.</p> <p> DeMets&#39; talk will highlight the series of problems with the analysis and data, summarize the IOM report, and discuss lessons learned from the series of events at Duke University. While these issues arose at Duke University, DeMets argues these or similar errors could occur elsewhere if the IOM process is not followed.</p>Presented by Dave DeMets, PhD 2012-11-28 Practice-Based Research: Working with Primary Care Clinicians in Wisconsin Presented by Paul Smith, MD 2011-11-16 Fundamentals Of A Grant Presented by Nizar N. Jarjour, MD 2011-11-04 Submission Process and Timelines Presented by Debbie Meltzer 2011-11-04 Reviewers and the Review Process Presented by Sterling Johnson, PhD 2011-11-04 Writing K Grants Presented by Elizabeth Cox, MD, PhD 2011-11-04 Specific Aims Presented by Robert Lemanske, MD 2011-11-04 Research Strategy: Significance and Innovation Presented by Alan Rapraeger 2011-11-04 Research Strategy: Approach Presented by Marc Drezner, MD 2011-11-04 Preparing Budgets Presented by Ken Mount 2011-11-04 Identifying Sources of Grant Support Presented by Nicole Busch 2011-11-04 How To Pick A Journal Presented by Julie Schneider 2011-11-03 Focusing Your Thoughts and Guiding Your Reader Presented by Laura Hogan, PhD 2011-11-03 Managing References with Bibliographic Software Presented by Heidi Marleau; Rhonda Sager 2011-11-03