Technology Technology videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2018, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Using Online Case Scenarios in the Health Sciences Presented by Kevin Wyne, PA-C, MPAS, MSc 2013-12-10 Cyber Security: The Wild, Wild Web. Social Engineering, Malware and Security Awareness. <p> Firewalls and anti-virus software are tools that your IT group uses to protect the integrity of your computer network. But you, the computer user, are the first line of defense! Phishing, Trojan horses, and&nbsp;pretexting are some examples of internet &quot;social engineering&quot;- efforts by the bad guys to steal your identity, to access restricted information, or to hijack your computer.<br /> <br /> This talk by Nicholas Davis, a DoIT security expert, will&nbsp;raise our awareness of these internet threats and to how to thwart them.&nbsp;</p>Presented by Nicholas Davis, MBA, CISA, CISSP 2012-11-13 iPad Brown Bag <p> The iPad is a revolutionary device, and new uses for the device are being discovered every day.&nbsp; This session will demonstrate iPad tips, techniques and helpful apps.&nbsp;</p>Presented by Braden Bruington 2012-09-14 WiscCal Questions Answered <p> Ara Mesdjian responds to questions and concerns about the new WiscCal system at the University of Wisconsin.&nbsp;</p>Presented by Ara Mesdjian 2012-07-31 Harnessing Mobile Technology for Global Health: A Global Perspective and an Example from UW Presented by Chris Lukolyo, MBA 2012-03-14 3-Dimensional Echocardiography: Finally Ready for Prime Time? Presented by Peter Rahko MD 2011-12-08 Potential of Micro Scale Technology to Enable Insights into Cancer Biology Presented by David Beebe, PhD 2011-04-27 iPad Presented by 2011-02-17 The Panic Virus: A True Story of Science, Medicine and Fear <p> From a press release about &quot;The Panic Virus&quot;: Mnookin explains how dishonest researchers and snake-oil salesmen have taken advantage of desperate parents, and how the media - by ignoring facts and pretending that all points of view are equally valid - has through irresponsible coverage fueled a controversy that never should have arisen in the first place. He explores how cultural relativism and insular online communities have blurred the distinction between facts and feelings to the point that the traditional American ethos of individualism has been transformed into one in which individualized notions of reality, no matter how bizarre or irrational, are repeatedly validated. In addition, he gives readers fresh and fascinating insights into the scientific process, the nature of knowledge, and the subconscious forces that drive much of our daily lives.</p>Presented by Seth Mnookin 2011-01-27 Windows 7: New Features Presented by Braden Bruington 2010-11-16 Modality: Mobile Medical Solutions Overview Presented by Kat McAndrew 2010-08-27 Managing Your Courses Presented by Kathy Hendricks 2010-08-12 How to Subscribe to a Course Podcast This video tutorial will walk you through subscribing to a course podcast through iTunes.Presented by Christopher Hanson, MD, MPH, PhD 2010-08-09 How and Why to Create an Account within the Video Library This short tutorial will give you step-by-step instructions on how to create an account within the Video Library.Presented by Michelle Ostmoe 2010-08-09 Navigation the Video Library Presented by Michelle Ostmoe 2010-08-09