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Picture from Eating Right On the Run video
July 19 2012

Picture from Baseline Health Assessments in Rural Nicaragua video
March 14 2012

Coming Soon

Picture from Lung Cancer: A Discussion about Screening & Smoking video
November 9 2011

Picture from Recharge, Reenergize, Refocus video
November 4 2011

Picture from Evaluation of Lay Health Advisors to Promote Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Latinas video
July 28 2011

Coming Soon

Picture from Management of Childhood Obesity video
October 23 2010

Picture from Water, Water Everywhere: Preventing Water-related Illness in Children and Counseling Families video
June 10 2010

Picture from The Longevity Code: Your Personal Prescription for a Longer, Sweeter Life video
September 24 2009

Picture from Community-based Approaches to Childhood Obesity & Diabetes video
May 8 2009

Picture from Human, Animal, and Ecosystem Health in Uganda: a Case Study for Disease Emergence and Preventive Medicine in the Developing World video
February 4 2009

Picture from Truth about Diets video
November 13 2008

Picture from Smoking Cessation in Clinical Trials: A Research Ethical Imperative video
September 15 2008

Picture from Beyond the ABCs: AIDS Vaccines and Other New Prevention Technologies video
March 22 2007