AIDS and HIV AIDS and HIV videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2019, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Rethinking Gender, Heterosexual Men, and 'Women's Vulnerability' to HIV/AIDS: Time for a Paradigm Shift? Presented by Jenny Higgins, PhD, MPH 2013-02-25 Effectiveness of Mobile Antiretroviral Pharmacy and HIV Care in Rural Southwestern Uganda Presented by Ajay K. Sethi, PhD, MHS 2012-03-14 HIV Testing, Treatment and Prevention in US Prisons Presented by Ryan P. Westergaard, MD, PhD, MPH 2012-02-20 Empathy and AIDS: Personal, Literary, Cultural Contexts Presented by Stephanie Youngblood; Theresa Pesavento 2010-04-10 Caring for Children in Vulnerable Situations: Global Initiatives Presented by Linda Sussman 2010-03-11 HIV/AIDS: Information for the Non-Expert Presented by Pete Cohen, MD 2010-03-05 Addressing HIV / AIDS in Uganda: An Organic Approach Presented by Ajay K. Sethi, PhD, MHS 2010-02-03 HIV Issues and Infection Control Sex-Related Alcohol Expectancies and Risky Sexual Behavior Amongst Drinking Adults in Uganda by Scott Nash, MS; Dept. of Population Health Sciences Mental Health Issues of Women Living With HIV/AIDS: A Qualitative Study of HIV-Seropositive Women’s Experiences in Kenya by Christine Muthoni Kithinji, MEd, MA; Doctoral Candidate, Counseling Psychology Infection Control Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Among Health Care Workers at Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda by Charles Acher, MPH; Dept. of Population Health Sciences Reaching Out to the “Moonlight Stars:” HIV Prevention Among Sex Workers in Kampala by Araceli Alonso, RN, MA, MS, PhD; Gender and Women’s Studies, SMPH Next Generation HIV Drug-Resistance Testing in São Paulo, Brazil by Dawn M. Dudley, PhD; Assistant Scientist, Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory MedicinePresented by Scott Nash, MS; Christine Nuthoni Kithinju, MEd, MA; Charles Acher, MPH; Araceli Alonso, RN, MA, MS, PhD; Dawn M. Dudley, PhD 2010-02-03 Integrated TB/HIV Care Outcomes: Lessons Learned in Uganda Presented by Denis Nansera, MD 2009-10-28 Risk Reduction for HIV / STIs: Asian Culture Perspectives Presented by Arpaporn Powwattana, MD 2009-04-08 Global Health Interventions Addressing the AIDS Epidemic in Malawi Presented by Linda McCreary; Kathleen Norr; Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu 2009-03-25 Addressing the Needs of People with AIDS This video contains the following presentations related to Addressing the Needs of People with AIDS from the 2009 Global Health Symposium: The PEPFAR Triangle: Scale-up, Sustainability, and Quality of Services and data: Challenges to the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief by Mari Gasiorowicz, MA Learning About the HIV Epidemic Through Brazilian Eyes by Shelby O’Connor, PhD Becoming the Change for Health, Education and Development in Africa by Karen Ivantic-Doucette, MSN Roadblocks to the Wisconsin Idea: the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and Thailand by Branden Pfefferkorn, MD, MPH candidate, Gillian Stoddard Leatherberry and Stephanie Harrill UW Village Health Project: Student-led Grassroots Activism to Empower Female Adolescents in Rural Uganda by Molly Isola Health and Healthcare in Thailand, and My Clinical Rotation at Ramathibodi Hospital by Jo Nord, MDPresented by Mari Gasiorowicz, MA; Shelby O'Connor, PhD; Karen Ivantic-Doucette, MSN; Branden Pfefferkorn; Gillian Stoddard Leatherberry; Stephanie Harrill; Molly Isola; Jo Nord, MD 2009-02-04 Full Access Door-to-Door Home-Based HIV Counseling and Testing: Lessons Learned from Rural Uganda Presented by Stephen Asiimwe, MBChB, MS 2008-10-22 Adult Male Circumcision: An Intervention Measure for Control of Heterosexual HIV Transmission Nelson Sewankambo, speaks on Adult Male Circumcision: An Intervention Measure for Control of Heterosexual HIV Transmission: Lessons from Rakai Health Sciences Program.Presented by Nelson Sewankambo 2008-04-07 HIV/AIDS: 2008 Global Health Symposium This video contains the following presentations related to HIV / AIDS from the 2008 Global Health Symposium: Walking in Cambodian Communities with HIV/AIDS: Dhammayietra Mongkol Borei Program Evaluation by Karen Solheim, RN, PhD Making a Difference for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa: A Regional Strategy to Improve the Quality of Services for Orphans and Vulnerable Children by Lori DiPrete Brown, MSPH Role of African Traditional Health Practitioners in Approaching the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the South African School Curriculum by Mariana Hewson, PhD Will I Stay Long?: Educating HIV+ Adolescents in Kenya by Susan Dillon Gold, RN, BSNPresented by Lori DiPrete Brown, MSPH, MTS; Karen Solheim, PhD, RN, FAAN; Mariana Hewson, PhD; Susan Dillon Gold, RN, BSN 2008-03-05