Geriatrics and Gerontology Geriatrics and Gerontology videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2019, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Improving the Health and Well-being of Older Adults through Interdisciplinary Teams Presented by Cindy Carlsson, MD 2013-04-10 Older Adults and Cancer Survivors: Do Modest Levels of Physical Activity Help? Presented by Lisa Colbert, MPH, PhD 2013-01-28 Alzheimer's Disease and Aging Research at UW: Potential for Collaborations with the Cancer Center Presented by Sanjay Asthana, MD 2011-08-31 Aging Research at UW: The Role of Statewide Networks in Community-Based Research <p> Dr. Mahoney speaks about healthy aging research with an emphasis on community-based projects such as the &ldquo;Stepping On&rdquo; and &ldquo;Sure-Step&rdquo; falls prevention programs. She is joined by Jill Ballard who will describe the new Community Academic Aging Research Network (CAARN) initiative from the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging and the opportunities CAARN provides for investigators and community-based groups interested in aging research.</p>Presented by Jane Mahoney, MD 2011-02-23 Geriatric Workshops - Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis Presented by Robert Breslow 2010-07-29 Geriatric Workshops - Falling, Frailty, Failure to Thrive and Incontinence Presented by Robert Breslow 2010-07-22 Caring for Wisconsin - Today and Tomorrow: Panel 3 Presented by Melissa Stiles, MD, Professor; Jennifer Eddy, MD; Luke Fortney, MD 2010-07-17 Geriatric Workshops - The 3 Ds and Sleep: Assessment and Pharmacologic Challenges Presented by Robert Breslow 2010-07-14 Geriatric Workshops - The Two Faces of Polypharmacy Presented by Robert Breslow 2010-07-08 Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center: Clinical and Translational Research Dr. Asthana talks about clinical and translational studies at the Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC). Established in August 2001, the center is dedicated to creating a total systems approach to Alzheimer's disease diagnosis, treatment, education, and research.Presented by Sanjay Asthana, MD, FACP 2010-05-26 Healthy Aging: Health Promotion and Safety Presented by Mary Ann Reale, MS, RN 2010-04-13 Healthy Aging: The Effects of Aging on the Brain and Cognition Presented by Amy Kind, MD, PhD 2010-04-13 Healthy Aging: Caregiving and Caregiving Resources for the Elderly Presented by Edith Felts-Podoll 2010-04-13 Healthy Aging: Caregiving: A Family Perspective Presented by Mary Lella, BSN, RN 2010-04-13 Mini-Mental: Administration of the Mini-Mental State Exam to Geriatric Patients Presented by 2010-01-20