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Picture from An Introduction to the Physiology of Alcohol video
July 20 2010

Picture from Genetic Study of Whole Organism Physiology video
June 18 2009

Picture from Physiology of the World's Second-Most Popular Drug video
July 15 2008

Picture from Altitude Adaptation and Illness video
March 13 2008

Picture from Energy Metabolism in the Failing Heart: Should We Intervene? video
February 14 2008

Picture from Inducible Intrapulmonary Arteriovenous Shunts: A Paradigm Changing View of the Pulmonary Circulation video
January 3 2008

Picture from Channel Surfing in Pediatrics video
October 4 2007

Picture from Arterial Stiffening and Cardiovascular Disease video
June 21 2007

Picture from Location, Location, Location: Why Neighborhood Matters to an Ion Channel and for Arrhythmias video
May 17 2007

Picture from Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sexual Health video
April 9 2007