Nutrition Nutrition videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2018, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Culture Shock: A Ten Step Guide to Changing the World of Institutional Food Service Presented by Justin Johnson 2013-05-28 Sugar and Obesity: What's the Evidence Presented by Joanne Slavin, PhD 2013-04-03 Maximizing Nutrient Absorption Presented by Carol Rees Parrish, MS, Registered Dietitian 2013-03-14 La Crosse County Farm2School: Fresh, healthy foods available for lunch! But how do you get kids to eat them? Maggie Smith provides an overview of La Crosse County's Farm2School program and shows ways to get kids excited about trying new foods including cooking classes, chefs in schools, taste tests and more.Presented by Maggie Smith 2012-04-25 Diet Heart and Nutritional Epidemiology. Lessons not Learned. Presented by Christopher T Sempos, PhD 2012-03-26 Empowering Education through Prevention Presented by Namita Azad, MPH 2012-03-14 Physical Activities and Diabetes <p> <span class="Apple-style-span" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif; ">Aaron Perry gives guidance on how to motivate and inspire children, students and patients to become active in the face of health concerns, especially diabetes. He will also share his experience of how he overcame poor diabetic health to become an Ironman within 360 days.&nbsp;</span></p>Presented by Aaron Perry 2011-04-27 Wisconsin's Obesity Prevention Movement- Get Involved! <p> The effort to address the public health issue of obesity will take all of us (teachers/school administrators, community members, business owners, health care and public health professionals) working together! To date, several collaborative state and local efforts are underway to curb the obesity epidemic in Wisconsin schools, worksites, communities, and early childhood settings. Learn about these efforts and the current evidence based strategies for obesity prevention---and how you can get involved!&nbsp;</p>Presented by Amy Meinen, MPH, RD 2011-04-27 Management of Childhood Obesity Presented by Fran Kittell, RD, MS 2010-10-23 Recommendations for Obesity Treatment and Prevention Presented by Ellen L. Connor, MD 2010-10-23 Brave Girl Eating: A Family's Struggle with Anorexia <p> The chronicle of a family&#39;s struggle with anorexia nervosa, journalist, professor, and author Harriet Brown recounts in mesmerizing and horrifying detail her daughter Kitty&#39;s journey from near-starvation to renewed health. Brave Girl Eating is an intimate, shocking, compelling, and ultimately uplifting look at the ravages of a mental illness that affects more than 18 million Americans.</p>Presented by Harriet Brown 2010-10-01 Community-Academic Partnerships to Address Health & Nutrition Presented by Alexandra Adams, MD, PhD; Gina Green-Harris, MBA; Sharon Adams, other 2010-06-16 Frameworkcooking Presented by Kum Ng 2010-06-04 Farm to School: Linking the Land with the Lunchroom Presented by Doug Wubben; Lisa Jacobson 2010-04-21 Introduction to the FAD Program: How to Get the Program Started in Your School. <p> Video gives a summary of how to get the program started in your school. It is simple and involves minimal time commitment, take a Look. <a href="">Read Attendee Feedback</a></p>Presented by H. Clay Dean 2010-04-13