Bioethics Bioethics videos at the Health Sciences Learning Center (c) 2018, UW Board of Regents. All rights reserved. Conscience and Duty: Reflections on Wearing White Coats and Other Uniforms Presented by Richard J Bonnie, LLB 2012-04-12 Bioethics Symposium Welcome Part II Presented by Susan Lederer, PhD 2012-04-12 Claims of Conscience in Medicine and the Conflict Over the Public Space Presented by R. Alta Charo, JD 2012-04-12 Gaming the System: Should Doctors Lie to Help Their Patients? Presented by E. Haavi Morreim, PhD, JD 2012-04-12 UWHC Compliance Program Presented by Daniel J. Weissburg, JD 2011-06-30 Update on Federal Conflict of Interest Policy Presented by Debra Whitman, PhD 2011-04-16 Bioethics Symposium Welcome (2011) Presented by Robert N. Golden, MD; Norman Fost, MD, MPH 2011-04-07 Boundary Issues in Helping Patients Die Presented by Timothy Quill, MD 2011-04-07 Drawing Distinctions When Making Decisions at the End of Life Presented by Yale Kamisar 2011-04-07 Calling Things By Their Right Name: Is Assisted Dying Suicide? Is it Killing? Is it Euthanasia in Disguise? <p> In this keynote presentation from the 2011 UWSMPH Bioethics Symposium, author and professor Margaret Pabst Battin performs a comprehensive moral and academic dissection of the long-debated issue of physician-assisted suicide.</p>Presented by Margaret Pabst Battin 2011-04-07 Terminal Sedation and Active Euthanasia: What are the Boundaries? Presented by Margaret L. Schwarze, MD; Tracy Schroepfer, PhD; Carl Weston, MD; Farr A. Curlin, MD; Jeff Grossman, MD 2011-04-07 Stem Cell Regeneration Presented by Jeremy Rich 2011-03-02 What is Health Equity? Presented by Paul Kelleher, PhD 2011-02-07 Responsible Conduct of Research: Overview & Data Integrity Learning objectives for this presentation include: 1. Write a human subject consent form that contains the appropriate elements 2. Identify and manage ethical issues re: scientific misconduct, and authorship and plagiarism 3. Maintain the integrity of data when collecting, recording, analyzing and reporting it 4. Contribute to and conduct research in an ethically responsible mannerPresented by Jim Wells, PhD; Michelle Detry, PhD 2010-06-09 Bioethics Symposium Welcome Presented by Norman Fost, MD, MPH; Robert N. Golden, MD 2010-04-08