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Picture from 3-Dimensional Echocardiography: Finally Ready for Prime Time? video
December 8 2011

Picture from Informatics: The Wave of the Future? video
June 8 2011

Picture from The Hunt for High and Low Risk Melanoma Susceptibility Genes: The GenoMEL Experience video
April 11 2011

Picture from Consulting with a Biostatistician: When, Why, and How? video
June 10 2009

Picture from Statistical Considerations in Clinical Trial Design video
June 13 2008

Picture from Overview of Marshfield Clinic Resources for Researchers video
June 12 2008

Picture from Socio-Economic Status and Cancer Outcomes video
April 16 2007

Picture from The Role of Informatics in Transforming Public Health: Wisconsin’s Public Health Information Network video
February 19 2007