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Picture from Medical Response to Radiation Exposure: The Role of Hematologists video
September 25 2013

Picture from Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education in Hematology/Oncology video
September 18 2013

Picture from Massive Transfusion Updates video
September 11 2013

Picture from The Rise and Fall of Polyheme Blood Substitute video
September 5 2012

Picture from Banking on Blood: Demystifying the Process from Type and Screen to Transfusion video
April 18 2012

Picture from Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor and Hemophilia video
April 4 2012

Picture from Transfusions and US: Local and Global Perspective video
July 14 2010

Picture from HBOCs (Heme Based Oxygen Carriers): Great Promise and Problems to Solve video
February 3 2010

Picture from Update and New Directions in Sickle Cell Anemia video
June 25 2009

Picture from Development and Validation of a Test for Plasma Concentration of Activated Protein C-Protein C Inhibitor for Detection of Thrombosis video
May 21 2008